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Bomby Johnson

From street hip hop music to contemporary gospel and worship artiste, Bomby Johnson with his blazing energy voice has created a canon of worship songs that have become standards in churches around East Africa. He has become a household name to gospel fans as a result gaining recognition as a worship leader, recording artiste, songwriter and vocal trainer.

2 (3)-2Bomby was born in Mwanza but grew up in Kigoma has been in full time worship ministry since 2010.
He began doing secular music at an early age before turning to gospel music.

In 2000, Johnson formed a Bongo Fleva group nicknamed Mashupavu Camp in Kigoma where they used sing in the street. However, the group did not last long as its members split little did Johnson know that it would be the turning point in his music career.

In 2004, Johnson got saved devoting his life to serve Jesus and also changed his lifestyle, shifting from doing secular music to gospel music. Three years later, he joined Amana Vijana Centre in Dar es salaam to learn more about gospel music.

As the first thirst for serving God continued to grow, he joined Victory Christian Center Tabernacle (VCCT) worship team in 2009 as one of the backing vocal singers.
Johnson believes praise and worship leads to total transformation saying,

I believe worship has the power to change.

Bomby Johnson

He has been able to attract high profile gospel musicians for backing vocals including the likes of renowned John Lisu, Upendo Nkone, Christina shusho and Upendo Kilahiro.
In 2010, the powerhouse voice singer started ministering with best selling gospel artist John Lisu where he got live performance experience and praise and worship became his lifestyle. After vast experience in ministering through praise and worship, Johnson released urban contemporary gospel album entitled ‘’Yuko Mungu’’ in 2013. The solo album was completely loaded with songs that people proudly share with friends and family themed God exist.

All songs in the album were catchy, exciting and inspirational and worthy listening to when it comes to worship. The second album entitled Worship in the Tabernacle are all musically layered with his explosive, raw vocal interpretation which are suited for congregation worship and are a full-tilt revelation of God`s presence.
‘’Hakuna Jambo’’ song has captured most churches in East Africa and Johnson says the song is anointed and brings a tingling of the Holy Spirit and God`s presence. The two great albums have quickly become one of top worship albums in Dar es salaam, fitting in nicely with upbeat and exciting worship like ‘’Najisikia Salama’’, ‘’ Siwezi ishi bila wewe’’ and ‘Dunia yatetemeka’.
According to Johnson, praise and worship has an impact in people’s lives because songs invite the presence of God and brings people close to God.

In his emotional alternative contemporary music Johnson puts his full passion behind everything he sings and he is an avid reader of Bible scriptures and other faith-based influences, which makes his lyrics even more rooted in truth.

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